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Night-vision devices / Baigish-12AC

The night vision devices utilizing classical binocular structure have two entrance objective lenses, two image converters and two exit eyepieces (night vision binoculars). Two image converters in the design increase reliability of the device while operating under extreme conditions.It has an IR-illumination unit.


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Base case 603.50 USD

Technical specifications
Angular field of view8
Range of visibility of a humannot less 250 m
Range of visibility of a human being at a night (0.0001 lx) with IR-illumination unitnot less 75 m
Time of uninterrupted operation of one battery at a temperature of 20Cnot less 15 h
Time operation IR-illumination of one battery at a temperature of 20Cnot less 4 h
Power 8.3 ... 8.8V (1 pc. «Korund»)
Operating temperature range, C, from/to-30 … +40
Overall dimensions, mm235x190x127
Mass, kg1,6

The "Baigish-12AС" night vision binoculars have been designed on the basis of the first generation image converters. They have separate diopter adjustment for both eyes. They may be successfully used for observation of terrain under conditions of a natural skylight intensity and recommended for employment to security officers, hunters, fishermen, ship navigators, boarder guards…

     "Baigish-12AС" is distinguished by excellent optical and ergonomical properties. It is made in a highly reliable, moisture- and dust-proof body and can be used in extremely dangerous emergency situations. Provision is made for adjustment of the eyepiece interocular distance. The binocular has eye-shields protecting the eyes against injuries and a lens hood used to obtain high-contrast image of the objects under conditions of extreme side and upper overillumination.

"Baigish-12AC " has an IR-illumination unit for observation in total darkness (caves, basements and the like).


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