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Night-vision devices / Baigish-25

Modern reliable optical electronic device featuring high technical characteristics, designed on the basis of the 2+ generation image converter.


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Base case 2007 USD

Technical specifications
Angular field of view8
Exit pupil diameter, mm4,5
Eye relief, mm20
Range of visibility of a human being at a starry night (0.004 lx)not less 450 m
Interpuppilary distancefrom 58 to 72 mm
Diopter setting range of eyepiecesfrom -4 to +4 dptrs.
Time of uninterrupted operation of one battery at a temperature of 20deg.C not less 15 h
Power2…3,6 (2 elements А316)
Operating temperature range, C, from/to-40 ... +40
Time of uninterrupted operation of one battery at the temperature of 20 °C, h15
Overall dimensions, mm300х130х80
Mass, kg1,1
Warranty, years2

 "Baigish-25" is intended for observation of animate nature, locality objects and reconnaissance under conditions of a natural skylight intensity and faint artificial lighting. The binocular is manufactured in a rugged body made of magnesium  alloy and is serviceable under extreme  operating conditions  within a temperature range of –40 to +40oC.

It is provided with a low power elements indication.

It  is packaged in a case made of artificial leather.




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