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Binoculars BPC / BPC 15x50 “Baigish”

High magnification binoculars - BPC 15x50 “Baigish” are made by classical Porro prism design with central focusing.


With additional options:
Base case 120 USD
With "ruby" coating 136.50 USD

Technical specifications
Angular field of view4°37'
Linear field of view at a distance of 1000m81
Diameter of objective, mm50
Exit pupil diameter, mm3,3
Eye relief, mm8,4
Interpupillary distance, mm56...74
Operating temperature range, C, from/to -40 ... +50
Overall dimensions, mm195х195х65
Mass, kg1,0
Delivery set: Binocular,a neck strap, eyepiece covers, case of a soft leather substitute, cardboard box.
Warranty, years5
Useful files
CertificationDownload (3.63 Mb)


The central focusing knob is conveniently mounted under the middle finger and allows to rapidly bring the images in both eyepieces into sharp focus. For the people with different eyesight of the right and left eyes, provision is made for additional focusing of the right-hand eyepiece.

A rugged body made of light alloys protects against vibration and accidental shocks. No plastic materials are used in the binoculars – only the central focusing knob and the eyepieces in non-rubberized bodies are made of plastic.

All the body joints and places of objective lenses and eyepieces attachments are filled with special sealing compound to obtain moisture and dustproof properties.

 The binoculars perfectly operate under all climatic conditions at a temperature of –40 to +50°C. All optical components have a multilayer antireflection coating, the prisms are made of high quality Bak4 optical glass allowing for an excellent image quality over the whole field of vision.

 The BPC 15x50 “Baigish” binoculars come in the following models:


• with "ruby" coating of the objective lenses to enhance the image contrast under poor visibility conditions – in the mist or in twilight.

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