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Magnifiers / Magnifier measuring LI-3-10X

Мeasuring magnifier LI-3-10x is used for distance measurement on the plane using a glass scale ranging from 0 to 15 mm.


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Base case 30.50 USD

Technical specifications
Focus25 mm
Linear field of view16 mm
The division value0.1 mm
Overall dimensions, mm32х30
Mass, kg0,015
Warranty, years3
Useful files
Extract from the specification of compliance with GOST 25706-83Download (0.29 Mb)
The letter of JSC "KOMZ" of the non-requirement of a certificationDownload (0.24 Mb)

The scale division of 0.1 mm.

Magnifier is used in metrological services, printing, medicine, radiology. It comes in a plastic etui.

Minimum delivery batch - 1 pc.

It meets the requirements of GOST 25706-83 "Magnifiers. Types, basic parameters. General technical requirements. "

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