Kazan Optical and Mechanical Plant

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OJSC "KOMZ" has been recorded in the Book of Honor of the city of Kazan

By the Decision of the Presidium of Kazan City Duma, "Kazan Optical and Mechanical Plant" OJSC was entered to the Book of Honor of the city of Kazan
Names of three city enterprises were added to the book of Honor of Kazan.

The decision to give the significant city award to Kazan Art School n.a. N. I. Feshin, "Kazan Optical and Mechanical Plant" OJSC and "Kazenergo" OJSC was adopted today at the session of the Presidium of Kazan City Duma held in the City Hall under the chairmanship of Ilsur Metshin, Mayor of the city of Kazan.

"Kazan Optical and Mechanical Plant" OJSC celebrates this year the jubilee - 75 years since the founding. It was built as the alternate of the Leningrad State Optical and Mechanical Plant ("GOMZ" n.a. OGPU). "GOMZ" evacuated at the beginning of the Great Patriotic War has merged with the Kazan enterprise. Within 2 months after that, the enterprise supplied products to the battlefront. In October, 5,000 binoculars were supplied to the battlefront. In November and December, production of mortar and tank sights, and in early 1942, production of "Hertz's Panorama" artillery-type sights were mastered. Throughout the war, the staff of the plant worked and lived under the motto "All for the Front, All for the Victory". During the war years, the plant supplied in total 700 thousand binoculars, 30 thousand gun, mortar, tank and 1000 bomb sights to the battlefront.
At present, "KOMZ" consistently produces and sells its products. In 2015, the company plans to continue manufacturing in the areas of radioelectronics and mastery of production of new opto-electronic devices. Today KOMP JSC is a diversified enterprise, producing products both for defence and for agriculture, medicine, research, etc.
"Kazan Optical and Mechanical Plant" OJSC is recorded in the Book of Honor of Kazan for a significant contribution to the development of the industry of Kazan, merits in the field of optical and electro-optical instrument making.

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JSC "KOMZ"  1940-2016
Postal address: 37, Lipatov St, Kazan, Russia 420075
Ph.:  +7 (843) 235-80-01
Fax: +7 (843) 235-80-36
E-mail: info@komzrt.ru

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