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A limited amount of binoculars BPC5 8х30М "Baigish" in hard leather cases

Ограниченная партия биноклей БПЦ5 8х30М "Байгыш" в жестких кожаных футлярах

In anticipation of the New year, JSC "KOMZ” offers BPC5 8х30М "Baigish" binoculars in the gift packaging - authentic hard leather cases.


Genuine hard case made of genuine leather, which was packing military binoculars in the 80-90-ies of XX-th century , keep their shape, convenient and reliable in use, do not freeze at low temperatures and do not change form at high temperatures.

View a detailed description, cost, and, if desired, to buy binoculars in hard leather cases you can see Binoculars BPC / BPC5 8
х30М "Baigish" with hard leather case

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